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n The Ashton Library

Our Library (22375 bytes)Welcome to that portion of our Drawing Room that we call our "library". It is here that Nurse Ellen tutors our children in the mornings and where my husband and I like to spend some quiet time after dinner.

Both my husband and I are avid readers and despite the fact that our daughters will not have the benefit of the same formal education as our son, Richard, it is our desire to see that they receive a basic understanding of science, history and philosophy as well as mathematics. A woman can never tell when she will be called upon to run the affairs of her husband's business or their estate should her husband become unable to do so.

While you are here, please feel free to enjoy our collection which is actually quite extensive. To make your experience more enjoyable, we will be featuring short biographies of our favorite writers and a brief synopsis of some of our favorite books. You'll find them just below the "Book-a-Month" offering.

Dombey and Son
By Charles Dickens
Our Favorite Authors
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Jane Austen pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) C. Bronte pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Lewis Carroll pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Charles Dickens pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Children's Books

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