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The Servant Parlor

The Ashton Servants, Emma, Ellen, Abigale and Martha

From left to right: Emma - Ellen - Abigale - Martha.


Emma started working at the age of 16. She is employed as the senior Housemaid, earning 12 ($65.08 U.S.) annually plus room and board. She works from morning till night cleaning, scrubbing, sweeping, dusting and polishing to keep the Ashton household spotless. She shares an attic room with Martha.


Ellen is 35 years old and was initially employed as a Governess for the Ashton children (Richard, Sarah and Amy). Now that the children attend school she fills in where the girls studies differ from their brother.  She also assists Mrs. Ashton as her secretary. She earns 18 ($97.61 U.S.) annually plus room and board. She has a small room just outside what was formerly the nursery and now a classroom.


Abigale is a professional cook. She uses the title "Mrs." even though at 40 years of age, she is not married. She earns 45 ($244.03 U.S.) in addition to room and board. She is the most important of the staff and has a room on the third floor. Thanks to Mrs. Abigale Dobbs, the Ashton parties are always a success.


Martha began working at the age of 16. She is employed as a Parlor maid at 16 ($86.77 U.S.) annually plus room and board. She works with and shares an attic room with Emma.

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