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The Ashton Family Gallery

Picture of Elisabeth and Laurence (48923 bytes) Dr. Laurence Ashton
Age:  39
Head of household.
As a physician, earns 2600 ($14,100 U.S.)
Has little time to spend with his children; yet stays aware of their progress.

Elisabeth Prescott Ashton
Age:  32
Oversees household staff.
Does the household accounts.
Shops and visits with friends.
Enjoys embroidery and reading.
Tends to her 3 children.

Richard Thomas
Age:  11
Will soon attend private school in preparation for the university.
Likes sports and horseback riding.
Wants to be a doctor like his father.
Richard's Picture (26147 bytes)
Sarah's picture (28589 bytes) Sarah Louise
Age:  9
Attends Chelsea School for Girls.
Unlike her brother's, her education is very basic. The Ashton's Governess will provide her with the "extras". Would like the privilege of attending the university like her brother.
Like her mother she likes to embroider.
Amy Lynn
Age:  7
Also attends the Chelsea School for Girls.
The Ashton's Governess is teaching her to play the piano.
Wants to marry a man like her father someday.
Amy's Picture (17851 bytes)

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