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Some Children's Books

Below is just a small collection of what you will find as part of our children's reading. To view a larger picture, click on its image.

Young Tom's Schooldays

The influence of Dr. Arnold of Rugby School changed the concept of boys' schooling Book Cover (25859 bytes)and Thomas Hughes using the model of what Victorian schoolbooks expected their schools to be like, created his book, 'Tom Brown's Schooldays' in 1857. Shown here is the book written by George Emmet in 1870.

Midsummer Eve

Book cover (24412 bytes)Anna Maria Hall, is known as the writer of inspirational stories for children.  Shown here is her giftbook, 'Midsummer Eve: A Fairytale of Loving and Being Loved (London: J. C. Hotten, 1870).

Goblin Market

Goblin Market (98441 bytes)Goblin Market was written by Christina Rossetti as a children's fairy tale, about the struggle of two children trying to resist the tempting fruits of the goblin men.  It is also considered a major poem of the period.  Shown here in its first edition (1862).

pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Jane Austen pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) C. Bronte pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Lewis Carroll pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Charles Dickens pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Children's Books

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