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4elements_victorian.jpg (8382 bytes) 6/26/02 CW3-Excellence-Award-Bronze.jpg (12040 bytes) 1/10/03

"Congratulations Betty! We, the Elements, reviewed your site and this is what we found: Fun use of good content! Touring the house, learning the 'proper way' of the Victorians, bringing history into your home and sharing it with us, use of your creative story line, and providing us with details as your storyline goes along was most rewarding to us! Wonderful use of creative content." Pro Travel Concepts (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

"Congratulations! Your site has won the "Design Excellence Award-Bronze". We extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a beautiful web site." Webmaster (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Labore &c. Praemium Award 11/08/03 Inside Hotwire 3D Silver Award 12/27/03

Dear Webmaster: Congratulations! In response to your application, "1876 Victorian England Revisited," has been selected to receive our premier website award, "Labore &c. Praemium"! You have an outstanding website that meets our award criteria! Quite frankly, no matter how often it happens, we are always a little amazed when a site actually meets our requirements. Our requirements of "simplicity" and "elegance" are harder to achieve than many might suppose. Again, Congratulations, and thank you for adding a great site to the web! J. R. Martin

To Betty: We are pleased to announce that your website has won Inside Hotwire 3D's Silver Award in recognition for its positive contribution and distinct creativity. We enjoyed our visit and thank you for your interest in our award program. Keep up the good work! Thessa Rogero

2006 Excellence Award from Beth's Pages 3/23/06 Penmarric's Diamond Award 03/26/06

Hi! I am pleased to announce that you have won an award from Beth's Pages! I am so honored that you applied for one of my awards. Thank you!
Your site is excellent, and you have met all of my criteria.  Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Beth (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists.)

"Thank you for applying for our awards.
What a pleasure and delight to have the opportunity to visit your website. It is rare to visit a site so well presented and thought out. The navigation was superb, pages easy to read and not "busy" with unnecessary graphics. The topic was very interesting - especially for me, English born and bred.
If you check the assessment sheet, you will see that you earned a very impressive 96 points, entitling you to our top honors, the platinum award (from the Penmarric site) and the diamond award (from the Hugs r Us site. Congratulations. Lin (To see additional awards won, go to 3.0 Penmarric Platinum award and Awards Other for the Penmarric Whimsy award.) (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

Tamurilart Silver Award 3/27/06  

"Congratulations from Tamurilart Awards!

Tamurilart awards is proud to present you with our Silver award!  This award is given to sites that show high qualities in both content and design. These sites are very well done and deserve recognition.

Our evaluators had the following to say about your website: A pleasant experience! This wonderful site showcases beautiful design and graphics while allowing visitors to explore its history with unique imagery, historical details, and interesting writings . . . I can tell a lot of care and attention went into creating this website, and you did a splendid job. Sincerely, Tamuril"

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