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Worth A Peep Award (33819 bytes)7/15/01 Outstanding Web Site Award (5682 bytes) 7/22/01

"Another fabulous site you've created. Love all the information. Really enjoyed myself." Donna

"Congratulations! You have won the Outstanding Website Award. The graphics and design on your site are elegant and fit in well to your theme. Your website is interactive and creative. You have done a wonderful job!" Elizabeth (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Stationery Heaven Gold Nugget Award (17346 bytes)10/23/01 Web Site Excellence Crown Award (12351 bytes) 10/28/01

"Congratulations Bettylogic on a fantastic site! We are very honored to award you with our 'Golden Nugget Award'! We really enjoyed our trip through time. Just wonderfully done!" Tom and April (Unlinked, site no longer exists.)

"Congratulations, you have won a 'Crown' award for your superb web site. A very well researched and enjoyable subject. I will be proud to have a Planet Gif award on such a quality site" Spaceman (Unlinked, domain appears to have been sold to unrelated org.)

webaward2001b.gif (8602 bytes)12/14/01 Exceptional Award 12/4/04

"Congratulations, your site has been reviewed and it is our pleasure to award you with our Golden Web Award 2001-2002."

Dear Fran, Just want to say thank you so much for awarding my site with your Exceptional Award. It is sincerely appreciated.

award_lion_gwp.gif (24593 bytes) 5/01/02

"Freedom is fragile . . . Handle with care. Congratulations for creating an award winning Website. I visited your Website and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content. Your effort to improve the wonder of the internet is clearly reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead with your talents." George P. Crofton, MSgt. USAF Retired

100xdesignmerit.jpg (5163 bytes)5/22/02 schoolpage.gif (4207 bytes) 7/13/02

"Dear Betty, Your website "1876 Victorian England Revisited" . . . has given much pleasure to us during the evaluation process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you are striving to achieve.

We award your website with the Otakou New Zealand Creative Design Merit Award, for the excellent work you are doing and for all you have currently achieved. Because our Awards are difficult to achieve, we consider your website a good example of a website "on the rise" and we are honored to see our Award within web pages such as yours." Lynda and Rhonda (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists.)

"Hello from 'The School Page'. The team responsible for awarding the School Page's Web Site Excellence Award wants to let you know that your site has been chosen as a recipient. This means that your web site has been found to be among the best on the web. Congratulations and keep up the good work!" The School Page Award Team (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

FoxBeau195x162.jpg (8897 bytes) 10/28/03 Penmarric's Whimsy Award 03/26/06

Dear Bill, Thank you for the kind words about my site. I am honored to receive your "Beautiful Site Award". (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Thank you for applying for our awards. . . . You will also see my own "Whimsy" award, which is not rated and given to sites that I particularly enjoy. Congratulations, and well done! Lin (To see additional awards received see 3.5 Hugs R Us Diamond Award and 3.0 Penmarric Platinum.) (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

Karla's Web Award 2006 04/19/06  

Hi Betty . . . After reviewing your site, I am pleased to inform you that your site has won my award. Your award is attached. (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)


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