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Search Engine Friendly Award - 1 Star 11/08/03 The Awards Garden Silver Site Award 11/10/03

"Hello Betty, We had a look at your site and decided to give you the "Search Engine Excellence Web Award"! We rated your site with 1 star (out of 5). Your site looks good, and has good links (about 10 in Google) pointing towards it and a good page rank in Google (PR4)." Best regards, Dirk Slot

"Hi, I have reviewed your site. Nice layout as well as content. I have given you my silver site award!" Brandi (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

SweetPea's Silver Award 11/14/03 ALW's Gold Quality Content Award11/15/03

"Hi Betty, Thank you for your interest in SweetPea's Web Awards! It was a real pleasure visiting and reviewing your website. After reviewing your site I am pleased to inform you that your website has earned the Silver Award!

I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work. SweetPea

"Hello and Congratulations BETTY! We have visited your site and found it to be wonderful! We are proud to present you with our Gold Quality Content Award!

Your site is informative, original, eye pleasing, well designed and easily navigated. Please note, by winning our Gold award: our most valued, least attained and most sought after award, you are in a class of winners considered to be the Best of the Best! It's been a pleasure visiting "1876 Victorian England Revisited". Thank you for making such a positive contribution to the internet." LadyJ-Ann (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

Silver Arrow Award from Nobska Web Design 11/17/03 MBEAP Silver Award 11/28/03

"Dear Betty, It gives me great pleasure to inform you that your site has won the Nobska Web Design Silver Arrow award. We found 1876 Victorian England to be uniquely rendered and very informative. The visitor could literally spend hours and learn much about this time period at your site. Congratulations on a unique and educational site. Keep up the good work!" Lauren (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

"Hello Betty, Thank you for applying for my Award! I enjoyed the opportunity of reviewing your site, and wish to congratulate you for the superb job you've done! You have a beautifully presented site with excellent navigation and content. I was very impressed with your work! It is my pleasure to award you with the new MBEAP International Silver Award. Congratulations!" Marie (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Cabobble Design Achievement Award 8/31/04 Ultra Free Silver Award for Excellence

"A delightful journey. Thank you! You have won the Cabobble Achievement Award." Lonnie B. Hodge, MFA, Ph.D. (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

"Congratulations from the Team of Evaluators at the Ultra Free Awards Program. We have visited your web site and two evaluators have reviewed it. Your web site qualifies for the Ultra Free Silver Award for Excellence." Shey (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Penmarric's Platinum Award 03/26/06

Thank you for applying for our awards. What a pleasure and delight to have the opportunity to visit your website. It is rare to visit a site so well presented and thought out. The navigation was superb, pages easy to read and not "busy" with unnecessary graphics. The topic was very interesting - especially for me, English born and bred.

If you check the assessment sheet, you will see that you earned a very impressive 96 points, entitling you to our top honors, the platinum award (from the Penmarric site) and the diamond award (from the Hugs r Us site). You will also see my own "whimsy" award, which is not rated and given to sites that I particularly enjoy. Congratulations, and well done! Lin (To see the other awards, go to 3.5 Hugs R Us Diamond award and Awards Other for Penmarric's Whimsy award.) (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

NWESS Bronze Web Site Award
Game Puppet's Excellence Award

"Good Morning Ms. Malheiro - Congratulations! The design staff at NWESS is pleased to announce that your site has won the 'NWESS Bronze Award'. Keep up the good work--a good web presence is never finished. It's always a 'work in progress'." Deborah L. Sibert

"I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work." Larry

Reach for the Stars Award 04/25/06

Invision Graphics Web Excellence Award 2006-07 05/21/06

"Dear Betty: Thank you for applying for the "Reach for the Stars Award". Your site has been reviewed and we are pleased to congratulate you on winning our award. I enjoyed reading your site. I can tell you have spent a great deal of time creating your website, great job! I was very impressed with your accomplishments. Great information." Jensen Kaye

"Hello Betty Malheiro, After careful consideration and evaluation of your site, we are honored to present you with the Web Design Award! The site evaluation requested on was very pleasant on the eyes and very well structured out and categorized into specific sections. This was a job well done and worthy of our award! Congratulations on a job well done!" Mr. Shawn DesRochers

BeckyKs Diamond Award 09/14/07 Mona Lisa Award11/01/07

Dear Betty: You have an awesome site which is a top level site by any standards. I truly enjoyed visiting your site. It is interesting and unique. It functions great and has a beautiful design and layout. Your dedication is reflected on every page. Thank you for sharing such a great site with all of us. Congratulations! Becky K. (Unlinked; site moved or no longer exists)

Congratulations! Your site 1876 Victorian England Revisited has been selected and is being showcased for the month of October at Newton's Castle as a result of the informative content, aesthetic design and ease of navigation. I would like to present you with the Mona Lisa Select Site Award. Steve Feld (Unliked, site no longer exists)

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