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Web Excellence (14099 bytes) 10/8/01 Assess Risk Silver (9016 bytes)10/8/01

"I have reviewed your website and am pleased to present you with the Artist's Choice Award. You have a beautifully designed site that meets all the standards for WEB EXCELLENCE! The elegant layout and rich content are inspiring, with a lot of creativity. It is an honor to give you our Elite Design Award." Patrisha

"I have reviewed your site and have awarded it the Assess Risk Silver award. I would like to congratulate you for giving myself--and my proofreader--the opportunity to review your site. It was a pleasure. Very informative, beautifully created, visually appealing and very easy to navigate. I was so impressed that I even signed the guest book - a rarity indeed!" Wendy

Eli's Bronze Award (5626 bytes) 10/13/01 Great Content Award (3435 bytes) 10/18/01

"I enjoyed my visit to your site, 1876 Victorian England Revisited very much. Your pages are wonderfully done with very interesting and informative content. I am very pleased to award you with my Bronze Homework Helpers Award." Sandra (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

"Congratulations. You have been chosen to receive the Canadian Country Gifts 'Great Content Award'. I really enjoyed my visit to your site - thank you for inviting me. It is easy to navigate, full of interesting information about 1876 Victorian England and has great graphics." Wendy (Unlinked, site no longer exists)

Lady J's Superior Site Award (40969 bytes) 10/23/01

"Hi Betty, I just came from your homepage and I'm proud to say you've earned my Superior Site award! I love your work. It's so original and so pretty." LadyJ (Unlinked, site moved or no longer exists)

Pacoima Ranch Vision Award (10954 bytes)10/26/01 Garnet - Outstanding Website Award (15151 bytes) 10/28/01

"Hi Betty, Wonderful site--the exact type we started the award for!!! Amazing content!!! Congratulations." Mike, Senior Juror - The Vision Awards (Link removed, site either moved or no longer exists.)

'Hi Betty, The judges of Leine's 10-42 Hideaway have completed their review of your most interesting website. We must say it was quite refreshing to visit a make believe Victorian family and feel as if we were actually taking the tour of the home and meeting the family first hand. The tour you presented was very informative and educational. We could tell from the extensive content, design and navigation the hard work that was put into doing and maintaining this website. (Unlinked, site no longer exists)

Therefore, we are happy to inform you that you have won our Garnet/Outstanding Website Award!!!!" Gary (Leine), Webmaster

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