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Shopping Victorian Style
T. J. Paxton Department Store

Now that we've reached our destination, looking around you'll see street after street of fine shops, all with their dazzling array of commodities displayed in their windows. There's the furnishing ironmonger with his polished grates and candlesticks, the cabinetmaker with his highly polished mahogany and chintz furniture mixed in with the perfumer selling his oils, creams and cosmetics; a bookshop, millinery shop and fine clothing store. Depending on the time of year you visit, you will find goods sold in outside stalls on the walks.

Now we're going to visit T. J. Paxton's which is a "departmental" store and take a tour of a few other shopping establishments. By the time you finish your visit, you will know what it's like to shop Victorian style.

Paxton Dept Store
Paxton Dept Store

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