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Holiday Ball - The Music

Well, now that you all know how to dance, you need the music. Here are a few of the different types of selections (sequencer info in credits below), you'll be dancing to this evening.

pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Ballade No. 2 in F Major (RF) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Polka de WR (RF)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Tarantelle Op 43 (RF) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Ebenezer (OTM)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) El Pelele (RF) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) The Girl I Left Behind (OTM)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Jenny Lind Polka (OTM) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Rochester Schottische (OTM)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Soldier's Joy (OTM) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) The Galop (OTM)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Vivace (MG) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Allegro Malto (MG)
pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Presto (MG) pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) Regimental Co. March (MG)

As equally important as the music itself, is the Master of Ceremonies and according to proper etiquette and conduct:

He must always be a professional man, who thoroughly understands all dances, and likewise the rules of etiquette. He has the responsibility of seeing that everything conduces to the enjoyment of the whole company; and has unlimited power of introducing all persons, and should be appealed to by all persons in case of any misunderstanding. His decision becomes law, and all persons are obliged to adhere to the regulations laid down by him. He has the power of altering the programme, or, if time permits, he can add to the programme. The bandmaster must comply with his wishes, and take notice only of orders issued by him. At private parties he has to receive the company, and act as bona fide host. In fact, he undertakes the management, with all responsibility, in every case. If Stewards are acting, the master of the house undertakes the principal duties laid down above, the Stewards simply carrying out his wishes. So likewise in public balls of any kind. Decorations are worn to distinguish both M.C. and Stewards.

pearlbut.gif (1194 

bytes) The Dances pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes) The Music pearlbut.gif (1194 bytes 

) Ball Attire pearlbut.gif 
      (1194 bytes) Ball Etiquette pearlbut.gif 
        (1194 bytes) Host a Ball

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Master of Ceremonies, compiled/excerpted from the "Complete Ballroom Handbook, containing upwards of three hundred dances" by Elias Howe, Boston, Ditson, c1858.

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