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The Ashton Holiday Ball - The Attire

Ball Dress for Ladies

When purchasing ball attire, the following things should be considered:

Simplicity of the attire
Cost, inexpensive or high-priced
Garment's elegance and propriety of colors

When selecting a color, a lady must consider her figure and her complexion.  If slender and sylph-like, white or very light colors are generally suitable; but if inclined to embonpoint, they should be avoided, as they have the reputation of apparently adding bulk to the wearer.

Pale colors, such as pink, salmon, light blue, maize, apple green and white are most in vogue among blondes, as being thought to harmonize with their complexions. Brilliant colors are more generally selected by brunettes.

The material of the dress should be of the lightest--the more gossamer-like the better. A rich satin slip should always have either crepe or net over it; and it is the generally received opinion, that the least trimming the dress has the better, but again, individual taste may permit a deviation from the general rule.

Ball Dress for Men

Dress for men is invariably the black superfine dress coat, pair of well fitting pants of the same color, white vest, black or white cravat, tie or stock, pair patent leather boots, low heels, pair white kid gloves, white linen cambric handkerchief slightly perfumed, the hair well dressed, without its being too much curled; the whole should be in perfect keeping with the general appearance and remarkable for its elegance and good taste.

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