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The nineteenth century revolved around a revival of religious activity unmatched since Puritan times. The bible was taken as the literal truth and was the foundation of moral behavior which became known as "Victorianism". During this period, textbooks and games were based on religion and morality. It was believed that if religion be accepted by all, that morality would become the "end all" to crime and poverty.

While advancements in science and technology became the order of the day, religion began a down-hill slide. Its theory/belief remained strong until the middle of the century, when in 1859, Charles Darwin published his Evolution of the Species theory. Many, including the clergy, began to question the beliefs of the church.

Evangelical influences and the Oxford Movement did produce a surge of spirituality which helped to rebuild the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches. But toward the latter part of the century, most began to see religion as meaning little more than respectability. It did, however, remain the inspiration of writers, architects, painters and the social reformers of the period.

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