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Martha and Emma's Daily Schedule

Time Martha Emma
5:45A Get up and dress (6:45A on Sundays)
6:00A Cleans/sweeps outside stairs, then tends to fires; Opens shutters in lower rooms. Brushes parlor carpet, black lead the grate, set and light fire. Get hot water jugs to take up to the bedrooms. Collects shoes from outside bedrooms for polishing. Brush carpet in dining room; clean the fireplace, black lead the grate, set and light fire.
7:15A Sets table in dining room for breakfast Takes coal and hot water up to the nursery
7:30A Takes tea tray to Mrs. Ashton and helps her dress Takes hot water to Dr. Ashton for shaving, take clean boots and shoes back upstairs.
Opens shutters in drawing room; dusts and sweeps room
8:15A Joins family in dining room for prayers Joins family in dining room for prayers
8:30A While family has breakfast, have breakfast in the kitchen. Fetch tray from nursery. Help collect dishes from dining room.  Clean the bedrooms and make the beds (mop, sweep, dust, air mattresses, polish furniture).   Clean staff's bedrooms and make the beds. Help Mrs. Dobbs' in the kitchen preparing vegetables and washing pots and pans. Check all fires. Prepare the lunch tray for the nursery.
11:45A Helps Mrs. Ashton with her afternoon dress. Does light laundry and mending.
12:30P Have lunch in the kitchen, while family has their meal..
1:30P Thoroughly clean rooms (mop, sweep, dust, air mattresses, polish furniture, clean fireplaces, laundry, mending, assisting with food preparation and cleaning etc.)
Monday:  Parlor
Tuesday: Dining Room
Wednesday: Drawing Room
Thursday: Master Bedroom/Guest Room
Friday: Day and Night Nursery
Saturday: Laundry, Servants' Bedrooms
Sunday: Assist Mrs. Dobbs
5:00P Assist Mrs. Ashton with her dinner dress. Prepare tea.  Check all fires. Staff has tea in service area behind kitchen. Carry hot water up to the bedrooms so family can wash before dinner.
8:00P Staff eats dinner in kitchen while Mrs. Dobbs' serves the family meal.
9:30P Assist Mrs. Dobbs in cleaning up kitchen.  Make sure all downstairs fires are safe for the night. Collect water jugs from the bedrooms. Finish tidying up parlour.
11:15P Bedtime!

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