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04/1-30/17 Converted pages to mobile friendly device format.
05/29/11 Added a section supplementing my Victorian Shopping segment under Overview.
03/15/11 Added a section to the Queen Victoria section titled "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" in the Overview Segment.
02/27/11 Added a section on Victorian Masculinity in the Overview Segment.
01/30/11 Added a Free Goodies section.
04/10/10 Added a section on Victorian Feminism in the Overview Segment.
01/25/09 Added a section about some of the more popular theatres to the discussion on Victorian Theater in the Overview Segment.
08/24/08 Added Letter Writing to my Etiquette Section.
04/02/08 Added new section to Overview, titled "Queen Victoria".
09/11/07 Updated the Ashton Family Gallery and the Servants Parlor by removing the "flash" movie and changing page to straight HTML. Also updated salaries to reflect accurate 1876 US Dollars.  Household accounts also updated to reflect a better established budget and monthly expenditures with comparisons to 1876 and 2006 US Dollars.
08/31/07 Added a new section under "Overview" titled Making a Living.
08/21/07 Added a new section under "Overview" titled Victorian Theatre.
07/04/07 Added a new section under "Overview" titled Medicine with discussions on the Victorian hospital, common diseases, breakthroughs and women's health issues.
06/10/07 Added a new section titled "The London Season" which includes features on the races, sporting occasions, theatre, and Presentation at Court to name a few.
2/23/07 Added two new sections to Overview: Religion and Literature.
12/28/06 Added new section "Walking Tours" of Victorian London.
07/06/06 Visitor stats updated to reflect fifth year on intro page.
06/17/06 Added some new awards to awards pages, added sub-menus to make navigating the site easier.
05/27/06 Added several segments to the Shopping Section, including boys and girls clothing, toyshops, housewares, bazaars, second-hand shops and cooperative stores.
05/21/06 Well, the site has received a few more awards since the last entry. New today, a link has been added to the McCord Museum to a role-playing game on etiquette.
04/23/06 I just received my first 5.0 Rated Award from Casey's Celtic Charm and am positively thrilled. Thank you Casey's Celtic Charm!  You've made my day.

The site has been up since July 4th, 2001 and I've just spent the last 7 months upgrading it as mentioned below.  Winning a top-rated award makes the effort all worth while.


The last two weeks has been spent applying for site awards.  This initial process having been completed, I am now awaiting hopefully good news from the Award Programs to which I applied.  During this period, I will be adding these awards to my site as they come in.  To view these, please go to my Awards section.

I'm pleased to announce that with the exception of approximately 7 pages, 94% of this site meets the W3C's CSS and HTML 4.01 Strict standards as well as Section 508 accessibility. The reason for the 7 pages not meeting standards is that they contain "games" and other items related to the period that were created using public domain scripts written by others.  I attempted to change the coding of these scripts to meet the standards, but due to the fact they were written years before, they did not accept the changes and I had to revert back to the original coding.

03/19/05 The following items have just been added:  Honorary Victorian Award and Bibliography.  The copyright/privacy policy has been updated.

Updated Shopping Section.  Book of the Month also updated to "Pride and Prejudice".

10/24/05 Work has begun on updating site to W3C's 4.01 HTML Strict standard.
06/05/05 Finally, the long awaited update to Victorian Etiquette.

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