Internet Hosting Service
"A Quality Web Presence Provider"

Now you have a beautifully designed web site that delivers just the message you want. The site has been promoted and the customers are stopping in to visit.  Now, how do you keep them coming back, again and again and again?

To keep people coming back to your site, it must be continually updated with the latest news and information on your product or service. If someone stops by your web site and sees the same thing time after time, no matter how good the design, or how great the "bells and whistles", they will eventually stop.  

Logic Mgmt.'s web site maintenance program is handled on a per site/per changes required basis. Pricing will be determined by the type of changes (ie. text, graphic, database), the amount of changes (ie. one item, an entire page, several pages), and the frequency of the changes (ie. daily, weekly, monthly). A minimum fee of $25.00 applies up to the 1st hour. So contact us when you are ready to discuss your web site maintenance needs to receive a free quote or request additional information.

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