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Equipment and Data Center

The minimum specs for our servers are:

  1. Operating System: RedHat Linux 9.0
  2. Procesor: Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz
  3. Memory: 1GB ECC DDRAM
  4. Connectivity:  100Mbps

Many of our servers exceed the above specifications.  As technology improves, ours does too!

Data center details (located in Houston, Texas and Union, New Jersey):

  1. Dual Gigabit (1000Mbps) fiber-optic connections
  2. Eight tier-1 backbones in network
  3. Six 500 kva UPS systems
  4. Video surveillance (recorded and archived)
  5. Security patrols through entire facility
  6. NOC access restricted and guarded
  7. 24-hour on-site security staff
  8. VESDA air sampling and early detection systems
  9. Two Cummins backup generators
  10. 15-days of backup power before refueling

You may check on our server status here.

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