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The Honeymoon

Train to honeymoonThe ceremony is over and the reception winding down as the newly weds get ready to leave on their honeymoon. The honeymoon originated with early man when they carried off their brides to a secret place where she couldn't be found. This usually lasted about 30 days and while they remained in hiding, they drank a brew made from mead and honey; hence the name honeymoon.

Once the cake is cut, the couple will go to change into their traveling clothes. She is assisted by her bridesmaids at which time she presents them with a gift of a flower from her bouquet. By the time the couple is ready to leave only family and very close friends are present. The couple drives off in a carriage pulled by white horses and are showered with satin slippers and rice. If a slipper lands in the carriage, it means good luck forever and if it happens to be a left slipper, all the better.

Doorway to their new home The best man precedes the happy couple to the train or steamer to look after their luggage. He is sworn to secrecy about the couple's romantic destination. And no one dare ask the bride and groom where they were going as it was bad luck. And, when the couple returns, the one final custom is that Edward will carry Caroline over the threshold to their new house so she won't stumble which would bring bad luck.


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