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Betty, Webmistress (7643 bytes)My name is Betty Malheiro and it's a pleasure to meet you.   While you're visiting my site, you might like to know a little about me.

I'm employed as an administrative assistant for an engineering firm. In addition to web design, my interests include reading (historical romance novels especially), counted cross-stitch, museums (including on-line exhibits) and logic problems.

My interest in web design began in March 1998. I had been intrigued by the many sites I had visited the previous year and finally decided to give it a try. I began with the now defunct AOL Personal Publisher 2. From the moment I saw my home page go live, I knew that web designing was an interest I needed to pursue.

Now eleven years later, I've created a number of sites consisting of over 500 pages and still growing. I also have a couple of clients whose sites I've designed and maintain.

"1876 Victorian England Revisited" is a work that has been in preparation since 1999. Over 96% of my site meets W3C's 4.01 HTML Strict DTD and Section 508 accessibility. Please note that ten years, or over 5,000 hours and over $1,000.00 has been spent in the creation of this site. I respectfully ask that in accordance to the Copyright Laws of the United States of America that you respect my right to not have it or any part of it be uploaded to any other server/domain other than mine.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying creating it.

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