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House Tour - The Master Bedroom

Victorian Master Bedroom

As I open the door, you get a glimpse of the master bedroom, a rare opportunity in 1876, as it is considered totally improper according to Victorian etiquette to show the bed chambers to guests. Next to the "water closet", it is considered the most private room in the house.

As I mentioned previously, there is a move away from the darker colors so you'll see a variety of shades of blue and burgundy throughout my home. In addition to the bed, you'll find a wardrobe or bureau and a wash stand. You may also find a valet, chair, table and setee as the bed chamber is often used as a retreat where one can come to read, sew or relax. We also have windows at both ends of the room, but this was not common earlier in the century. We chose mahogany pieces throughout our home, but maple was also a popular choice. Metals are also now just coming into fashion for furniture as it is believed that they are easier to clean than wood.

There is also a fireplace on the inside wall which is not visible here.

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