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Victorian Etiquette - Etiquette at Dinner

The table-cloth should be of the finest quality.

The room may be lighted with either white or colored candles or lamps. Many prefer to have a portion of the light fall from side brackets or from the wall.

Furniture and other room decor should be arranged in such a manner that it will not interfere with the guests' view of one another. A low dish of flowers with light to no fragrance is the preferred centerpiece.

Never make an ostentatious display of wealth.The Dinner Party

At a large dinner, a card bearing the name of the guest should be laid beside each plate.

Each place setting should include a plate, two large knives, a small knife and fork for fish, three large forks, a tablespoon for soup, a small oyster-fork for raw oysters and a water goblet.

The knives and oyster fork should be placed on the right side of the plate, the other forks on the left.

Bread should be cut in thin slices, and laid on a napkin on the left of each plate. Place glasses at the right of each plate.

Commence dinner with raw oysters, then a choice of one or two soups. Follow the soup with fish, then the meat entree and the salad last. Cheese, bread and butter may be served with the salad course. Then comes dessert and/or fruits and bonbons. Coffee can be served in the drawing room or the parlor.

No more than two vegetables should be served with each entree and potatoes should not be offered with fish.

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