1876 Victorian England Revisited

Travel back in time to 1876 Victorian England and experience middle class life as it was then. As the guest of the Ashton family, you'll learn how they decorated their home, how they dressed, what they did for leisure, how they shopped and more.

Betty's Family Fun Place

Home to all kinds of fun activities for the entire family from holidays to puzzles to couponing.

Logic's Web Services

If you are an individual or a small business who would like to have a website of your own, please feel free to visit Logic's Web Services.

Off-site blog:

Life's Little Challenges

This is a work in progress which I just began recently. I joined a frugal forum about 2 years ago and realized that I had a lot to offer especially to those of you who are trying to make a go of things earning $50,000 a year gross and less.  Please feel free to visit when you have a moment.

Currently my updates are only about once a quarter, but I hope to take a more active interest and eventually provide a weekly or bi-weekly post.

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